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Imagine this, K-12 and postsecondary institutions considering how it can best develop 21st-century skills in its students. Employers are more consistently indicating that they are seeking graduates who can collaborate, communicate, solve problems and make decisions. Schools and institutions are mindful of increased competition from online courses and the need to create a compelling learning experience for its students.

There’s a growing interest in establishing more active learning environments where students create, collaborate and problem solve together. Instructors say they are ready to enable transformative learning and harness student creativity and the power of the vast amounts of digital information to which students have access today.


After an extensive global examination of the latest learning environments, K-12 and postsecondary institution deploy single and double Span Systems in common learning spaces in their classrooms and across campus. Groups of students collaborate from their personal devices, contributing their thoughts and ideas as they work on a variety of projects across a number of subject areas. Students gather at the wall to discuss and refine their group’s ideas, grouping ideas and adding new thoughts as they emerge from a review of the contributions.

Beyond working together face to face, students also access the digital workspace anywhere, anytime allowing for remote participation and collaboration, both inside and outside of class.Active student learning

Active student learning

When students are actively engaged in meaningful and relevant learning activities, they are more likely to generate better learning outcomes. The Span System facilitates an active learning environment where students create, share, reflect, evaluate and make connections between ideas.

Career-ready skills

Using the Span System, students hone the 21st-century skills they will need as they move from school into the world of work. They not only learn the fundamental and advanced concepts they will need at work, they learn the highly valued softer skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and decision-making that will help them find success in work and life.

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Nureva Span Overview

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