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Mersive Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod Gen3 delivers the industry’s most powerful wireless collaboration experience. Solstice allows participants to walk into the room and share any amount of content from their laptops and mobile devices to the flat panel or projector display, improving efficiency, engagement, and productivity. Between sessions, Solstice can display the room calendar and HTML-based digital signage feeds, delivering additional value when the system is not in use for collaboration. And Solstice is secure and scalable to any number of rooms with management, monitoring, and analytics capabilities that empower technology managers to optimize their meeting spaces.

  • 4k Wireless Streaming
    • More than just support for 4k displays – actual wireless streaming of up to 4k desktops/videos.
  • Wired Input
    • Wired sources become a part of the Solstice experience (moderator, collaborative layout control, Solstice Ink, etc.).
    • Support for guests, Linux users, and other non-standard sources (set top box, etc.).
  • Dual Display Output
    • Extended mode. Increases sharing palette to support more content at native resolutions plus dual-screen control.
    • Mirrored mode. Supporting rooms set up with dual confidence screens.
    • Seamless mode. For bezel-less 2×1 display configurations.
  • PoE+
    • Removes need for separate Pod power supply.
  • Solstice Ink
    • Collaborative markup and highlighting that increases participant engagement and productivity.
  • Local Over-The-Air Update Mechanism
    • Ability to point Pods to local update server for OTA updates without internet access.

Check out this video showcasing the new Gen3 Pod and Software version 4.0 à

Mersive Solstice Gen3 Pod

Solstice version 4.2 is now available, expanding Solstice’s multi-network support from two networks to five total networks with 802.1Q VLAN tagging.

Enterprise Edition Solstice Pods (Gen2i and Gen3 only) now support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging on the Pods’ wired Ethernet interface, enabling connectivity to up to four VLANs. The Pod can also be attached to an additional network wirelessly, supporting up to five total network connections without routing Solstice traffic between VLANs.
Mersive Solstice Pod

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