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To imagine what meetings of the future will look like, we need only to look around at the trends from our everyday lives. So much of what we already use and love outside of the workplace could make our meetings more time efficient, more streamlined, and more enjoyable.


But using new technology for its own sake rarely streamlines or simplifies, and oftentimes it slows us down, so when considering meetings of the future, our chosen technology should work to address problems, not create new ones. We can envision this future by beginning with the technology we’re familiar with and then dreaming of the possibilities inside the conference room.


Voice Recognition Devices 

It makes sense—if we are using Alexa, Siri, and Google to help us in our homes, cars, and on the go, it only makes sense that we’d expect the same convenience in the workplace. Productivity focused voice assistants are already being incorporated in particularly tech-savvy spheres, and with the ability to listen in on a meeting or call to take notes and set reminders, it won’t be long before this feature will be commonplace in every meeting room. Increased productivity in meetings and conference calls? Yes, please.


Hand Gestures

Next slide…Can you go to the next slide, please? Oh, no. Go back one.” Can you even count the number of times you’ve heard this dialogue during meetings? Or similarly, when the remote is misplaced or doesn’t work, and the speaker is left stranded mid-presentation? 


Efficiency would sky rocket with the incorporation of hand gesture technology in the meeting place, and that possibility might not be as sci-fi and futuristic as it sounds. According to Grand View Research, “The global gesture recognition market size was valued at USD 6.22 billion in 2017. It is projected to expand at a CAGR of 22.2% from 2018 to 2025.” In just a few years, with the wave of a hand you could be swiping between last quarter’s numbers, a client’s websites, or next month’s calendar—no clicking or remote-rummaging involved!


Interactive Presentations

If you’ve ever attended a meeting where one person spoke and pointed at a screen for an hour, you know that engagement is an often overlooked factor in the conference room. But if meetings are to be productive, attendees can’t just be passive listeners. Afterall, when they leave the room, they’ll be expected to act upon what they heard, not just regurgitate it. Utilizing Smartboards and other interactive displays get everyone involved. And when team members feel involved, engagement increases, and retention and results follow. 


Final Thoughts

Hallmarks of meetings of the future will be streamlining, engagement, and efficiency. And while technology may never be advanced enough to get Sheryl from accounting to the meeting on time (even if the newest bots and avatars are there to remind her), for just about everything else, there’s a solution. 


That’s why finding a full-service provider with their eye on the future is important. CCS provides integration, installation, training, and maintenance for all your audio and video equipment needs, including interactive whiteboards, room control systems, high definition video conferencing systems, and more. Contact us today to get started.


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