The Benefits Of Ximbus To Your Students

 In Indiana

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What Is Ximbus?

Ximbus is a teaching app, designed to simplify lesson preparation, the delivery of flipped lessons, and in-class teaching. It does so by letting you easily develop and deliver engaging lesson plans packed full of information obtained online by connecting you with Google Drive so you can build lessons in a minute using any web supported files.

It allows you to present live or share self-paced lessons with your classes. Because Ximbus has one-touch polling questions, you can quickly poll students for feedback of understanding at any time. This, in turn, improves engagement and retention. It allows you to have more control in the classroom and even allows you to quickly divert attention back to you with a click of the “Eyes Up” button. Ximbus even helps you to teach concepts and draw collaborative explanations with the use of our built-in whiteboard to quickly sketch and scribble explanations.

With Ximbus, you can manage your lessons effectively, with no more jumping between resources and lesson plans. It gives you the ability to gather the information you want from your Google Drive, YouTube, online image search, or website URLs and then add it to your timeline and presentation.

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