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SMART Learning Suite is a bundle of SMART Notebook software (which includes SMART lab activities and SMART response 2 assessments) and SMART amp workspaces. It’s available as a single purchase on a per-teacher, per-year subscription basis.

SMART Learning Suite is designed specifically to support a variety of instructional methods like teacher-led learning, student-led learning, flipped classrooms, and much more! It also complements technology like large-format displays, 1:1 initiatives and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classrooms.

SMART Learning Suite is all about giving you the flexibility to teach the way you need to.

Combine lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software with this ultimate education suite. Best of all, you get these 4 leading education software platforms for one simple price.

Key Features Include…

Operate your SMART Board with an app
The SMART Notebook Player app frees you from standing at the front of the class. Now you can operate your SMART Board with a device as you walk around the classroom assisting students.

The flexibility you need to succeed
Front of the room instruction, student-led learning, project based learning and flipped classroom initiatives are all enhanced by SMART Learning Suite. Any grade level, any subject.

Easy to use. Easy to adopt.
Educators can easily and quickly create dynamic, interactive, fun and engaging content. In less than five minutes, lessons that will wow students are ready. Plus, access to ongoing support is there every step of the way.

Software for any hardware
Student devices, interactive whiteboards, interactive displays, Chromebooks, BYOD plans…it’s all the same to SMART Learning Suite. It’s the hub of your connected classroom.

A subscription to the SMART Learning Suite ensures that you get the latest SMART Notebook enhancements, plus access to SMART amp workspaces, SMART lab activities and SMART response 2 assessments.

Learn more about SMART Learning Suite!

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