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 In Indiana

We work with SAFARI Montage to help solve the technical challenges facing K-12 schools as they convert to digital instruction, including delivering video efficiently over a district’s network without using internet bandwidth. With their commitment to supporting interoperability between district systems, SAFARI Montage provides a foundation for a digital learning environment…

Dale Gayman – President, CCS Presentation Systems

SAFARI Montage provides K-12 schools with the leading interoperable Learning Object Repository (LOR) which allows educators to:

  • Easily search and access digital content via the SAFARI Montage Video Streaming Library – a curated library of high-quality digital resources from multiple publishers, correlated to standards
  • Upload, manage and share licensed and educator-created instructional resources
  • Integrate with LMSs, SISs, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive & more

Watch this video to learn more about the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository

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