Presentation Skills and Guidelines You Should Adopt Today

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When was the last time you were seriously engaged during a meeting or presentation—like edge of your seat, no place you’d rather be engaged? Chances are pretty good you’re struggling to come up with an answer.


We can’t all be gifted speakers, but creating a presentation which feels seamless and captivating shouldn’t be mission impossible. there are some tips and tricks which will make your presentation feel more seamless and captivating. 

1x4x6 Guideline

Use all the fancy technology you want; nothing makes up for a lack of clarity. When it comes time to construct a visual for your presentation, consider your layout and organization carefully.


Follow the 1X4X6 rule to ensure each slide is coherent and legible. Each slide gets only one overarching topic, with no more than four individual bullet points, which each have no more than six words per line. 


Note: These are guidelines, not laws, so the presentation police won’t investigate if you have seven words per bullet or only three bullets on a slide. Just keep in mind this optimal design when creating your presentation.

Hook Opener and Circle Back Closer

It might feel like high school speech class, but there’s a reason this tip is taught early on in our speech-giving days: it works. Beginning and ending your presentation in a similar fashion feels like you’re tying everything up in a neat little package for your listener. For example, if you open your presentation by sharing a story (see our next tip), hang on to the details of how it ends and then circle back to it as you close your speech. This creates a completed feeling and makes everything you’ve said that much more memorable.


It’s been said we don’t remember statistics; we remember stories. So give the people what they want. As you present, make it personal. Weave in a specific anecdote. 


Sure, tell your listeners they’ll be able to complete tasks 25% faster with the new software you’re integrating, but start off by telling them about a time you were wary of change but it ended up working out. Your audience will walk away remembering your story and the underlying message, and you’re way less likely to see their eyes glaze over mid presentation. 

Unique Presentation Tools

You’ll grab your audience’s attention from the start of a meeting if your visuals are unique. You’re probably aware are myriad presentation platforms out there which put Powerpoint to shame, but if you’re like most, the time to hunt for and then learn a new tool is illusive. Here’s a short list of free options proven to be intuitive for the user and captivating for the audience:

  • Prezi: Most intuitive for Powerpoint lovers, but more visually pleasing
  • Powtoon: Great for story-based intrigue
  • Canva: Professional visuals and format

Present and Profit

If you view distractions during meetings for what they ultimately become, profit loss, then bringing intentionality to creating great presentations is no longer optional. And if you’re looking for ways to save your company more time and money, contact CCS to develop an audiovisual strategy for your workplace that will have you knocking each presentation out of the park.

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