Is Poor Technology Costing Your Company?

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No matter your industry, the integration of technology has likely drastically molded the way you do business. Just think: from conference calls to multimedia presentations, things would be a lot slower and less exciting without all the opportunities tech affords us, and in turn, the ways it helps grow business and revenue.


But what if money is slipping through your company’s fingers because of technology? It’s a problem and reality for businesses across industries today. Take this fact for example, found through a 2016 survey conducted by Samanage: U.S. businesses lose up to $1.8 billion each year in wasted productivity due to technology. 


So how could tech be siphoning time and money from your business? Check out these potential culprits and what you can do to head them off at the pass.


#1 – Decreased productivity

From antiquated equipment to poor tech integrations, anything that slows down your employees is bad for business. Employees who are forced to wait for technology or spend time creating work-arounds for old technology could be spending time on revenue-generating activities. If you’re attempting to cobble together systems in an effort to avoid an upgrade, productivity will suffer, and a tech overhaul might be just what you need to save time and money in the long run. 


#2 – Lack of training

A bunch of shiny new equipment isn’t going to do much good if your employees are intimidated by it. Before you expect to see big results from purchased technology, be sure you actually integrate it by coupling new equipment or software with high-quality training. For starters, Forbes recommends clearly highlighting the benefits of the new technology, providing mentoring within the company, breaking the training into baby steps, and following up frequently by asking for ongoing feedback. Most important of all, get your team off and running by choosing a supplier like CCS who offers training and support every step of the way.


#3 – Brand reputation

For better or worse, a business’s brand has never been more malleable than in today’s Digital Age. Customer perception is swayed by how modern or antiquated a business’s technology seems to be, and not just for image’s sake: data security and tech reliability depends heavily on how up-to-date your company’s technology is.  Harness the power of the Digital Age and secure your brand’s reputation by ensuring your company has a mobile-friendly website, an updated operating system, and the proper securities. 


Staying up to date to ensure forward momentum for your company can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact our professionals at CCS, and we’ll work with you to design an upgrade plan to fit your company’s specific needs and goals for the future.

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