Enhance Your Paging, Intercom, Time Management And Emergency Notification Capabilities With The IP6000

 In Indiana

Valcom’s IP6000 is a modern browser-based platform that provides functionality, control, and management at the school and district level. It was designed to enhance daily communications as they are essential for any operation. With Valcom’s IP6000, you can easily reach a single room, a single building, or an entire campus. It has user-friendly software that does all the multi-tasking for you. Quickly link repetitive functions or announcements to your bell schedules and you can schedule events for the entire year as it is easy to create and/or modify schedules as needed. Schedules can be controlled and managed from the school and the district level. Keep everyone on schedule with Valcom’s IP6000 Time Collaboration feature. Clocks, computers, tablets, mobile phones, and Smartwatches are all synchronized to the exact time. The IP6000’s does all this through a Unified Notification Platform and is the most cost-effective way to link all locations into a single communication ecosystem.

Emergencies happen and can escalate very quickly. Actions taken in the first few seconds are critical and may improve the outcome of a crisis situation. Valcom’s IP6000 provides the ability to create scenario-based notifications which can simplify and reduce confusion during an emergency. A single click automatically launches a series of notifications to specific people, areas or the entire campus. It can also send audible and visual alerts to speakers, LED’s, phone systems, and mobile devices. It has many other functions built into the system to help manage when an emergency arises.

One of the benefits of the IP6000 is it can work with your existing cabling, infrastructure, speakers and call switches. You get all of the same features of a full IP system at a fraction of the cost with the Valcom IP Smart Appliance. Valcom is the #1 choice for schools and districts who want IP migration and technology upgrades. You can upgrade your school in less than 3 days!

You also have the option of getting the full IP solution. You can utilize IP PoE speakers/clocks/LED displays and SIP or FXO integration, all on your network infrastructure making it the most cost-effective solution for a new building or major renovations of a school. This unified solution provides seamless communications for all of your daily and emergency communications. Valcom offers the largest and most extensive selection of IP and SIP Endpoints to suit your needs.

Please contact us to learn how Valcom’s IP6000 solution can help you keep students and staff safe!

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