Decoding Tech Training Objections to Get Buy-in from Everyone

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It seems like there are two types of people in this world: those who welcome and embrace change with open arms, or those who bristle at just the thought.


Even though a certain level of flexibility is standard in the workplace—it’s the nature of growth and development, after all—if you as a team leader notice reluctance around the office at the mention of new technology, all is not lost. Hesitancy to adjust most likely isn’t reflective of a desire to simply not comply. 


On the contrary, a less than enthusiastic approach to new technology is generally born from some kind of anxiety. Identifying those root causes of new tech reluctance can help you reunite your team toward common goals and get everyone feeling like a valuable member of the team. Here are common tech training objections decoded and smart ways to address them.

“I feel like I just learned the last system/tool!”

On the surface, this objection may sound like a complaint just for complaining’s sake, but there’s more brewing beneath the surface with this statement. Negatively referring to a previous learning experience, specifically how long it may have taken, should throw up some red flags for you as the leader. 


If a team member feels behind the learning curve before you’ve even finished introducing new hardware or software, it makes sense feelings of reluctance would surface. So do some investigating: why might the learning have been unpleasant? Why might it have taken longer than expected? 


What you can do to combat this objection: The best move you can make as a leader when it comes to incorporating new technology is often overlooked. Start by choosing a company who will provide the best training and support. Not all tech integration companies are created equally. You don’t want “experts” who install and then disappear, never to be heard from again. Seek out serious professionals who make the training process part of their brand. Check out why CCS’s model of training and support is proven to work.

“Let’s hope this one works…”

Skepticism (before it turns into cynicism) can be a good thing. A team member who’s worried about the effectiveness of new tech is actually clueing you into a pretty important concern. Did it take longer than expected, if ever, for the last tech integration to happen? Were goals missed or tasks unnecessarily complicated? 


What you can do to combat this objection:   If this objection arises, here’s your opportunity to ensure your team you’ve done due diligence by choosing a company with a proven track record for a succinct integration process. Also, this is a great chance to ensure a strong feedback system is in place; you can’t address concerns if you don’t know they’re going on!

“Wouldn’t it be faster if we…”

If you hear this objection, it may be a positive disguised as a negative. The suggestion of a faster alternative could indicate two things: 1) your team member is conscientious of completing tasks efficiently and 2) they have the wherewithal to consider several different solutions to a problem. Help build your team member’s confidence in the new technology and you may have the most buy-in from the individual who started with this skepticism. 


What you can do to combat this objection: Here’s your chance to explain the reasoning behind the new tools you’ve chosen. If you’ve chosen a company wisely, comparing and contrasting the old and the new will quickly reveal you’ll be saving time and money.

Set Their Minds at Ease

While Digital Natives make up more and more of those entering the workforce, no amount of digital awareness will eliminate individuals who cling to routine. Because of this reality, office leaders and business executives need to head off objections at the pass by securing the right hardware, software, set up, and ongoing training and support. No other professionals can fulfill that role better than CCS. Let’s work together today to set your office up for success!

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