6 Reasons To Start this School Year With An Audio System

 In Indiana

Source: lightspeed-tek.com | Re-Post CCS 8/31/2017 – 

Like me, I bet you didn’t know that a child’s auditory faculties are not fully developed until around age 15. Or that one-third of students between kindergarten and 3rd grade suffer some form of mild hearing loss. Listening is 75% of a child’s school day and the primary channel for learning. The simple truth, I learned when I joined Lightspeed, is that children who can hear clearly learn more.

Here are six reasons to adopt a classroom audio system to benefit teachers and students.

1. Overcoming High Ambient Noise Levels

Classrooms are noisy, even when students are quiet. It’s not uncommon for a K-3 child seated 12 feet or more from the teacher to have less than 50% word recognition. Classroom audio systems help overcome ambient noise levels and distribute the teacher’s voice at the same amplified level throughout the classroom. Every child hears the teacher at the same level, no matter where he or she is seated.

2. Improving Attention and Time on Task

When a teacher’s voice is amplified five to 15 decibels above ambient noise, articulation and speech intelligibility are enhanced, reducing a child’s sensitivity to distractions. The amplified instruction better captures a child’s attention and tends to suppress their sensitivity to the extraneous sounds and movements within the classroom.

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